Origami convention 2019


Mennorode, 8 - 9 - 10 March 2019

The weekend committee has reviewed the weekend and given the positive feedback from many guests, we may conclude that it has been a successful weekend. The Mennorode Commission is already busy for the next edition in 2019.

We invite you to sign up for the 31th weekend of the Origami Society Netherlands. We are present for the 16th time in Mennorode, Elspeet.


As you know, Mennorode has a limited number of single rooms and more double rooms available. For the rooms is the rule: first come, first served. The Friday Package prevails before Saturday package. Once the single rooms are full you will be given a double room with someone else. Always after agreement with you!  Refund follows afterwards. As we already announced the prices are much higher than last year.   

There are two different prices for members and non-members:

Friday package:
Included: 2 nights, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner, coffee/tea at regular intervals and 3 free workshops. Arrival before 18.00h (dinner time). You are welcome from 16.00h.

  member Non-member
Single room (FRD1) € 310,00 € 320,00
Double room (FRD2) € 280,00 p.p € 290,00 p.p 

Saturday package
Included: 1 night, 1 x breakfast, 2x lunch,1 x dinner,  coffee/tea at regular intervals and 3 free workshops. Arrival before 11.00h Saturday morning.

  member Non-member
Single room (SAT1) € 210,00 € 220,00
Double room (SAT2) € 200,00 p.p € 210,00 p.p 

 At other times than above drinks, coffee and tea are for your own account.

Exhibition and paper

We also have an exhibition. It would be nice if, like last weekend, a lot of people get involved, so that others may enjoy what we all like to make. Which paper suppliers are coming is not quite clear at this moment.


This weekend will be our foreign guest Paolo Bascetta.

Design competition
Who designs his own business card? Almost everyone goes to a fair, a market,  an exhibition or something else where you want to promote Origami folding. You can then give a business card to receive any response. Many of us may already have a business card for this. But our question is: Design a (new) business card for promotion. It may be a part with the computer, but of course we also want to see something of folding work.
Send your design to the well-known registration address for the weekend or take it to Mennorode. For the most original, beautiful, special, ..... business card we have a small gift.
All cards are exhibited during the weekend


The annual members-meeting is held on Friday-evening. You can sign in for this meeting on the application form. The meeting documents will be send in time.

In short, you can expect a wonderful, cozy weekend, where you can fold up, meet your Origami-friends and enjoy all sorts of beautiful things.



By registration you choose at least 5 workshops.

1. IKE Rina van Timmeren  design: Own design
2. TES*** Monique Kolvers design: Hydranga / Fuijmoto
3. DOO Sonja Mooij  design: Own design
4. BLK Arja Burger design: Unknown
5. KUS Brigitte Veraart design: variation Makoto Yamaguchi
6. KAA  Marjon Klokkemeijer design: Own design
7. ELE Jannie van Schuylenburg design: variation Eschers
8. ACT José Dillisse design: several designers
9. DIE*** Paula Versnick design: Beth Johnson

*** Advanced Folders
The final workshop models can be different than on the photo.
Thee 3-lettercodes for the workshops are used by the commission.

Photography: Diederik van der Laan, Amsterdam

Registration/ Payment

You can use the online registration form.

With registration you pay at least € 50.00. If this amount is received, then the registration is confirmed. The remaining amount must be paid before first of February 2019. Of course, the whole amount of money can also be taken (Please even).

You can sign up via the website at or send the form to the address below and at the same time the amount at RABObank number: NL70RABO0144363992 for OSN weekend and please always add your name for easy reference. European guests can use the IBAN and BIC codes below to pay using a European payment with shared costs (SHA).

IBAN: NL70 RABO 0144 3639 92. BIC: RABO NL 2U.

Please contact the committee at osnweekend [at] gmail.com  for payments or pay the amount due using our PayPal account: Note: on the PayPal website (www.paypal.com) you can change the region or the language in the top right corner, below the search box to a language you are more familiar with.

Cancellations received before 1 Februari 2019 are subject to a refund minus € 30,00. After this time we can not refund, unfortunately. We encourage you to take a cancellation insurance. Registrations after 1 Februari 2019, (may be) possible but only after telephone consultation.

As always we will take care that things run smoothly, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email.

t: +31 72 5721497.
e: osnweekend [at] origami-osn.nl

The convention committee members are:

Elma Evers
Guda van Rijn
Jos Heije
Mariëtte Kok
Marjon Klokkemeyer, Vosmaerlaan 30, 1702 GG Heerhugowaard

Email: osnweekend [at] origami-osn.nl