Cursusboeken n.a.v. ALV 14 januari 2012

Naar aanleiding van vragen van leden m.b.t. de cursusboeken, volgt hier het besluit dat tijdens de ALV van 14 januari 2012 is genomen: de huidige cursusboeken blijven bewaard en beschikbaar voor verkoop, alleen aan docenten ten behoeve van origami cursussen. De ALV heeft verder besloten dat er een nieuw cursusboek ontwikkeld gaat worden dat binnen afzienbare tijd de huidige cursusboeken moet gaan vervangen. Als het nieuwe boek beschikbaar is, zal opnieuw worden bekeken wat er met de huidige cursusboeken gedaan wordt.

New website software

From this moment on the software version of this website is updated. This makes it possible to do things that were not possible (anymore) with the previous version. We've worked hard to get this version online as soons as possible. This means that some pages or functionalities are still rough or not complete.

Give us several weeks to straighten things out. Please let us know if you find strange things after that.

The webteam.

Orison 3 mail issues

There have been some problems with the Orison 3 mailing in The Netherlands. We don't know if there have also been problems with the mail going abroad.

However, if you have received an envelope without an Orison magazine, please report it to our ledenadministratie [at] origami-osn.nl (Members Office) and we will send you a new copy.

New content

The webteam of this website has the intention to publish all content in both Dutch and English, if relevant. However, since all work is voluntarily the English translation is often skipped due to time constraints.

We therefore urge you to check out the Dutch version as well if there hasn't been an English update for a long time. You might not understand the text, but the links and photo's speak for themselves.

Have fun!

Orison 5 2009 without cover

Printing problems have resulted in the fact that some members have received and Orison without cover. If you possess such a collector's item, notify the Members Office, by e-mail or telephone. Send your name and your membership number and you will receive a new Orison with cover.


e: ledenadministratie [at] origami-osn.nl

Should you attend the Oriday, tomorrow 3 October, then it is possible to exchange your uncovered Orison with a covered one.

Website aanpassingen

Recently the space of the website is adjusted. This results in some minor problems, e.g. a missing link to the photo archives on the home page. The information is not gone, just not available through that link.

There are more adjustments in the pipeline, so the website will be offline for maintenance a few times during the coming weeks. These problems will then be addressed also.

Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned!


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