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It is necessary to update the software used to run this website. This means that the website will be offline a few times over the next weeks. It is not possible to specify when and how long this will be. I will try to minimize the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.



Update 17 October 2008: the first round is finished successfully.

Update 18 October 16:32: the second round is finished successfully.

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With this form you can order an information leaflet. More information can be found on the Information Leaflet page.

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The OSN website: new and improved

Due to a server crash the OSN website has been offline for a while. The OSN board saw in this sad event the opportunity to change and improve the website. Currently not all functionality will be available, but that will come over time. Please check back regularly, more information will be added soon.

Although there are still intentions to make most of the website bilingual, most of the available content is currently in Dutch only. Please switch languages and check out what's already online.

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Information leaflet

Are you interested?

Leaflet OSN If you are interested in origami or in becoming a member of the OSN, please request a leaflet.

The leaflet gives information about the OSN, example(s) of diagrams and a subscription form for becoming a member of the OSN.

You can order a leaflet by filling in the order form.


Paper supply


e: info [at] jorigami.nl
w: http://www.jorigami.nl

When you are a member of the OSN you can easily order the materials for your hobby at
the supplier who has a special agreement with the OSN: Jorigami. You can now order from
their website from the comfort of your home.

No more walking from craftshop to craftshop to look for beautiful paper, books and
other craft materials.

Origami Society Netherlands

Who and what is the OSN?

The Dutch Origami Society was founded on the 1st of December 1983. Since that time the society has operated under the name Origami Sociëteit Nederland, abbrevated to OSN. The OSN is a very active society that gathers admiration from over the borders of our country. The Nippon Origami Association (NOA) calls us 'unique in the world'. Praise indeed. We're proud of that. 'We', meaning our many members. Many members are working for the OSN.
Let's start at the top.


Vouwdag In het hele land worden er talrijke vouwactiviteiten georganiseerd door Origamidocenten (voorheen OAC-ers). Zo vinden er met enige regelmaat vouwochtenden, -middagen en -avonden plaats, waaraan men kan deelnemen.
Over het algemeen zijn deze bijeenkomsten alleen in de winterperiode. In de meeste gevallen is er een zomerstop van mei of juni tot september. Hieronder vindt u het overzicht.


De OSN heeft diverse creatieve leden die een boekje met eigen ontworpen modellen hebben uitgebracht. In de onderstaande lijst vindt u alle boekjes die in eigen beheer zijn uitgegeven en nog steeds verkrijgbaar zijn.

Hebt u ook zo'n boekje uitgegeven en staat het niet in de lijst, geef het dan door aan de webmaster, zodat het erbij gezet kan worden.


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