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I hereby grant permission to the OSN for the use of the model(s) as described below.

I understand that the models and the diagrams are redrawn by the OSN illustrators in the house style of the OSN.

I understand that I own the copyright on the model and my diagrams, but the copyright of the redrawn diagrams is with the OSN.

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Publication in paper means: the OSN magazine, the Orison, the modelbooklet, handed to members of an OSN event, such as the OSN weekend convention and the Oriday, use during workshops of the OSN weekend. If you grant permission for publication in paper, this means your model can be published in the Orison but also for one of the other publications. The name of the author will always be mentioned on a publication.
Digital publication means a publication on the website of the OSN: www.origami-osn.nl. The name of the author will always be mentioned on the publication.
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Paper supply


e: info [at] jorigami.nl
w: http://www.jorigami.nl

When you are a member of the OSN you can easily order the materials for your hobby at
the supplier who has a special agreement with the OSN: Jorigami. You can now order from
their website from the comfort of your home.

No more walking from craftshop to craftshop to look for beautiful paper, books and
other craft materials.


An overview of what you can find on origami on this site:


The OSN publishes a magazine, the Orison, full of models in various categories and difficulties. You can find more information on the pagina about the Orison.


Are you looking for diagrams? Check the special page. New diagrams are added regularly.


Hieronder vindt u de belangrijkste symbolen, die u in de diagrammen kunt tegenkomen, met hun benaming.

We hebben deze symbolen en de grondvormen voor u verzameld in handige boekjes.

wit vierkant - gekleurd vierkant
Witte kant boven - Gekleurde kant boven

Wat is origami?

Houtsnede van de Japanse kunstenaar Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)Origami is het Japanse woord voor papiervouwen. ORI betekent vouwen en GAMI papier. De kunst van het papiervouwen is in Japan ontwikkeld en al heel oud. Bijna net zo oud als het papier zelf.


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