Een leuke manier om een origami workshop te volgen

OrigamiUSA is pleased to announce our Summer/Fall 2016 Origami Connect Series. This program offers real-time, interactive, online folding events that are available to anyone, anywhere and can be viewed by as many people as can fit in front of your computer (which is all you will need).

Upcoming events include:

September 17, 2016
Tom Hull
Modular Hybrid Unit and its Math

Professor Tom Hull (from the math department of Western New England University) will teach his Hybrid Unit which uses duo paper (say, white on one side and a color on the other, or fancier paper with two colors, one on each side, if you have it) to make many models of different sizes and different color patterns. The unit is not hard and it locks well. It can make a 5-unit spinning top, a 12-unit star shape (stellated octahedron), or even bigger models requiring 30, 48, 60, or more units. To understand the variety of shapes and color patterns you can make will require a little bit of math, but not equations or formulas. No no, it requires understanding how 3D shapes work, and Dr. Hull is a very good teacher! So do not let the math scare you! Join this class and expand your modular repertoire!

October 23, 2016
Ben Parker
Basic Corrugation Techniques

Ben will take viewers on a tour of his studio space and go over how he frames or otherwise displays tessellations for art galleries. Afterward, he will go over some basic techniques for corrugation design.

November 12, 2016
Jeannine Mosely
2 Fold Alphabet

Live from OrigamiMIT, Jeannine Mosely will teach a 2 fold alphabet.  Stay tuned for a possible surprise! 

December 4, 2016
Laura Kruskal
Super-Duper Collapsible Gift Box, Candy Dish, Flat Gift Box, Crown and Envelope

Laura is an origami treasure. She has spent a lifetime teaching and sharing the joy of origami. With over 50 published models, Laura introduced generations of folders to the joy of paperfolding. We will visit Laura in her home, hear some stories and fold a modular with her. More details and photos will be made available on our web page