Origami convention 2021 Cancelled

Mennorode 2021

Saturday December 19, we had an online meeting with the Mennorode convention committee.
Not like we normally do at a member’s house, because we were with too many people.
At that zoom meeting we made the decision to move our OSN annual folding weekend from 2021 to 25, 26 and 27 march 2022.
The times and “rules” are still so uncertain that we cannot assume that we can continue our weekend in the “normal” way: not sitting together to socialize and exchanging folds, but also not folding together in the large room (30 people???) or during the workshops (10 people ???), no dining together in the dining room (30 people???).
We don’t know what the measures will be after the 19th of January, but that the 1 ½ meters distance will remain will be clear to everyone.
Whether we will do anything by ZOOM in the weekend of 26,27 and 28 March 2021 is not known at this time. We are thinking and talking about how to organize it all by Zoom. Keep an eye out at the OSN website for updates.
If there is anyone who wants to give a folding session (1 hour per session) by ZOOM, let us know at our Gmail address: osnweekend [at] gmail.comParticipants who have already paid for 2021 will receive their money back.
We deeply regret that we will not have a Mennorode weekend 2021, but it is what it is at these times.
We will save the many models and workshops from 2021, that we have already completed, for the OSN convention in 2022! New ideas are still very welcome, at our gmail.
We hope that everyone continues to fold nicely, but above all that everyone stays healthy, so that we will see each other again in 2022. 

The Mennorode committee.