I'm Francesco Mancini, vice-president of the Centro Diffusione Origami, the Italian origami society.

From April to July, the CDO has organised a series of meetings on the Zoom platform where three Italian designers taught their models to the CDO members only. We called it OrigaZoom.

After the Summer we started again and we decided to open to the members of foreign societies, one for each meeting. We usually meet on Tuesday from 9 pm to 11 pm and for October 6th we thought about inviting the OSN members.

Vraag: BNOS nieuwsbladen

Wie kan mij helpen aan:

Nieuwsblad van de BNOS (Belgisch-Nederlandse Origami Societeit v.z.w.)
1ste jaargang 1979

Ori Magazine BNOS (Belgisch-Nederlandse Origami Societeit v.z.w.)
nummers 16 - 1985 t/m 39 - 1989

Marianne van Langen
e: bemalusi [at] gmail.com 




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